Doganov – Conducting Chaos

Doganov – Conducting Chaos

After the well-received debut EP Something Dark To Dance To, Doganov makes a strong follow-up with another self-release, a full album this time – Conducting Chaos.

Although acting in an electro-industrial zone of a more melodic programming with less metal sound, Doganov is not at all short of density and power. One of the strengths is definitely the force of composition. No matter how many auditions you give to the record, it’s seems difficult to pick out standout songs, not because it lacks singles, on the very contrary.

‘Mad To The Sane’ or ‘The Ghost, Pt. 2’ commence with ambient intros evolving into forceful sections, while ‘Distorted Nursery Rhymes’ or ‘Phoenix’ explore beat-based electro rhythms boundaries. ‘Conducting Chaos’ and ‘Sun’ stand for the heaviest tracks of the album, with guitars boosting aggressiveness up to match violent lyrics. The captivating cover for ‘Headhunter’ is perhaps their statement of commitment to authenticity and invites to leaving aside associations with any genre giants.

Vocals are melodic and clear even at the lower tones, which is a blissful choice as the lyrical content is very good and deserves all the clarity it can get, a difficult task successfully accomplished.

A special mention for ‘What’s the Case with You’, which slopes down towards a more symphonic mood, where lyrics as ‘don’t try to seduce my hate’ and the alternated soft and aggressive passages add a real emotional kicker to the message.

All in all, the album makes the darkness wholly accessible for those willing to put up with it. Conducting Chaos brings an evocative sense of a certain moment in time and the atmosphere of a specific place which might be very well the world we’re living in.


Released: October 2015

  • The album is available through all digital channels: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer. Hardcopies are available through ‘merch at’
  • Souncdcloud:

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Posted on: December 31, 2015ywannish