Zeni Geva (JAP) + USA Nails (UK) + Angakok (BE) @ Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium – 25 October 2015

Zeni Geva (JAP) + USA Nails (UK) + Angakok (BE) @ Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium – 25 October 2015

An(other) excellent line-up in Magasin 4. Three first class bands shared the stage on 25 October.

The only sad part remains the constant issue of early curfew in Brussels, which leads to strict and very short timing and sometimes ends up with artists hurrying through their set to finish in time.

Angakok (BE)

ANGAKOK 7 mANGAKOK 6Angakok is yet another gem from the already rich Liège musical scene, glowing steady in the dark world of doom metal and bringing forward on tour their debut album released in May this year. With sludge and drone influences as well, Angakok tick all the right boxes of the styles in matter. The thick and heavy guitar tones are there. So are the slow tempos and the downtuning. But there is more to that. Angakok music is astonishing in what concerns the song composition, which is mastered and delivered live in an outstanding manner. The very technical parts are combined perfectly with the wicked and atmospheric doom component and lead to a strong sense of band unity. Nothing of this could have been done without an excellent coordination between the three band members.

USA Nails (UK)

USA Nails 6 mUSA Nails was perhaps the most dynamic and interactive act of the evening. Their accent made it quite clear that they come from London. And fortunately, their music as well. Experienced performers, they came together from previous bands and projects of the London’s post-punk scene. And honestly, noise-rock shouted lyrics sound best only in English. They started in force, rushing through the first two songs at a fast pure punk-rock pace, while the rest of the concert was a proper journey soaked in noise-rock and post-punk elements.

USA Nails 3 mIn the end, they played two new songs form their second album coming out in November. And the last one had an impressive spoken part, a real poetry performance which was at the same time intimidating and pushing comfort zones. In fact, their music conveys a sensation of continuous state of alarm, delivered with raw visceral emotions.

Zeni Geva (JAP)

Since their formation in 1987 Zeni Geva went through inevitable line-up changes. Currently, they present themselves as Kazuyuki Kishino (vocals, guitar) and Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, vocals). Plus lots of sound effects.

ZENI GEVA 5 mKazuyuki Kishino, also known on the electro music scene as KK NULL, is a Japanese experimental musician with an notable activity: more than 100 albums released so far, many distinguish collaborations with great artists including John Zorn, Fred Frith or Steve Albini and tours with artists such as Sonic Youth or Mike Patton. Tatsuya Yoshida is the one described by John Zorn as the ‘indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground’ and member of Ruins, Ruins Alone and Korekyojinn as well, plus live collaborations within various projects with member of Acid Mothers Template, as Japanese New Music Festival, which came to Brussels, to the same Magasin 4, last year (review here).

ZENI GEVA 8 mZeni Geva define their music as progressive hardcore. Indeed, they cover the fundamentals of death growls and shouted lyrics, distorted guitar, fast and solid technical drumming. At the same time, they push the boundaries of this raw aesthetics, enriching it with specific features like shredding tremendous noise out a small guitar. On stage, Zeni Geva appear to be a living and self-generated experiment, with two musicians playing separately but together, producing a sound that sometimes is straightforward but many other times is full of mind-blowing turns and twists. Despite of intentional lack of melody, their songs do not head down the road of chaos. They are simply unpredictable and have the element of surprise within. Which overpowers anything.

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ZENI GEVA (JAP) @Magasin 4, Brussels – 25 October 2015

ANGAKOK (BE) @Magasin 4, Brussels – 25 October 2015

USA Nails @Magasin 4 – Brussels, 25 October 2015

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